The Save Louisiana Coalition

The Save Louisiana Coalition is a nonprofit coastal advocacy group dedicated to fighting for the RESPONSIBLE restoration of Louisiana's ever-eroding coastline.


This organization came to fruition when our founding members realized that the large-scale river diversions proposed in the states's Master Plan would threaten the livelihood and heritage that southern Louisiana prides itself on.

For the first time in history the SLC has been able to bring together representatives from every sector of the seafood industry to find a more cost effective and responsible way to restore Louisiana's delicate coastline. Our board of directors consists of representatives from the Louisiana Shrimp Association, Oyster Task Force, GO-FISH Coalition, Association of Family Fisherman, United Commercial Fisherman's Association, charter captains, commercial crabbers, marina owners, land owners, and recreational fisherman.

Board Members

Captain George Ricks, President

Kerri Callais, Treasurer

Clint Guidry, Louisiana Shrimp Association

Paul Rotner, CEO Acme Oyster House

John Tesvich, Oyster Task Force

Ken Savastano, Caernarvon Diversion Board

Robert Campo, Marina Owner

Mitch Jurisich, Commercial Fishing

Tracy Kuhns, GO-FISH Coalition

Rykert Toledano, Legal Council

Mike Roberts, GO-FISH Coalition